Past Camps

Past Summer Camps

The unlimited creativity and quality of the bands who come out of our summer band program never ceases to amaze us and many others! Here are some of the groups created over the years. (2014 will be updated shortly)



2013 – Anomaly

Rock-Star-Camp-2013-Beat-Raiders-thumb2013 – Beat Raiders


2013 – Detour

Rock-Star-Camp-2013-Fireflies-thumb2013 – Fireflies

Rock-Star-Camp-2013-Just-Sayin'-thumb2013 – Just Sayin’

favicon rock star camp Torino

2012 – Torino

Torino was certainly one of the most delicious bands we’ve ever had. They made Rock Star Camp history by recording bacon and also our first band to play public shows after the camp as part of our Rock Star School!!

rock star camp TTBP

2012 -Tickle Tickle Backpack

A powerhouse of awesomeness. Tickle Tickle backpack rocked the crowd and showed us the true meaning of “Chillaxin”

rock star camp kevlar

2012 -Kevlar

Kevlar put together 2 great songs during their session- check them out!

rock star camp Jack Acid

2012 -Jack Acid

This group was loads of fun- and talent! Jack Acid rocked the house!

rock star camp-game-of-chance

2012 -Game of Chance

“Anything can happen if you believe” A very inspiring group who delivered the goods!

rock star camp Rusted

2012 -Rusted

Powerful songwriting, haunting melodies and 5 great songs in two weeks- what more can you ask for?

Previous Years:

2010 – Cold Comfort This foursome blew everyone away with their hooky catchy melodies. The only downside was we had to protect our ears from their incessant attempts to put bananas in them.

2010 – Blackboard Blackboard combines many styles and multi-instrumentalists to create full and exciting arrangements. They also play a pretty wicked Wii.

2009 – Firework Fiction This 10 piece group pulled off some amazing acheivements- especially considering they did everything during our 1 week March Break session in half the time!

2009 – Floyd the Martian Many different influences came together to create Floyd the Martian, an alien runaway who found a home here on earth.

2009- Purple Drank This group had some great talent- once we pulled them away from the chess board and made them practice. They sure ate a lot of Fried Chicken.

2009 – Surreptitious Surreptitious has a great sound and were an awesome bunch to work with- just don’t leave your wallet lying around…

2008 – Penny for Your Thoughts This dynamic group came up with some pretty powerful material.

2008- Fareway Fareway was an eclectic bunch who really, really enjoyed spatulas and rusty beef.

2007 – Midnight Silence Truly a great bunch of kids- and pretty good at Super Mario Brothers to boot.

2007 – Dare We Say A seemingly normal, peaceful group with a simple message: beware the Muffin Man!