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Since 2001 the School of Recording Arts has been teaching people how to get the most out of their recordings. Whether you’re working with top of the line equipment or getting set up at home we are certain our recording school has created a great course for you.

Learn the fundamentals of how sound works and what goes into making a good mix great. We start at the very beginning and take you through every step of the recording and mixing process.

Class sizes are kept very small ensuring excellent student to teacher ratios and make sure all of your questions are answered. This also enables each student to have ample amount of hands on time with the tools needed.

Setting up your own studio? We will help you decide what equipment you need to work in the style of music you prefer. Test out hundreds of pieces of gear, mics and software before committing to purchase your own equipment.

Course Benefits:

  • Part Time Classes:  Time is valuable. Our course keeps your time commitment to a minimum.
  • Affordable pricing: Learn advanced techniques and theory at a fraction of the cost of most training facilities.
  • Hands on training: Learn by doing. Take the time using the equipment to put your lessons into practical use.
  • Small class sizes: Flexible scheduling and course curriculum. A percentage of the program is kept open for students to focus on certain aspects of production.

Topics Covered

  • How sound works
  • Room acoustics and treatment
  • Microphone types and placement
  • Instrument setups
  • Song writing and copyright
  • Critical listening
  • Computer and pre-amp selection and set up
  • Pre-production
  • Recording various instruments
  • MIDI
  • Editing tools and techniques
  • Mix tools and techniques
  • Mastering over view
  • And much more
The Music Factory School of Recording Arts

Upcoming Class Dates

For upcoming class dates visit The School of Recording Arts to learn more. 613-863-7777.

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