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It’s so Important to have the Right Teacher

The journey is the most important part of learning.  We will always do our best to make sure you are having fun in a comfortable relaxing environment while advancing in whatever style or technique you choose.

We would love to meet you and see which teacher would best suit what you would like to learn.

Your first lesson with us is free so why not give us a call and try for yourself?

Glenn Torresan - Master guitar teacher

Glenn Torresan

Glenn has been playing guitar professionally since 1976 and while he is likely too humble to tell you this himself, he is truly a genuine master of many styles of guitar.
Teaches: Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, slide guitar, basic music theory, song writing techniques.

  • Modal playing (don’t be scared!)
  • CAGE, and 3 note per string systems as well as how and when to use them
  • Basic theory (a little understanding opens up new possibilities)
  • Rhythm techniques
  • Finger picking
  • Slide guitar (any style): standard, Drop D, Open A, E, and C tunings, (and anything else you can think of) left and right hand techniques.

Glenn has been playing guitar since 1976. During his long career, he has played almost every genre (country, folk, blues, heavy and light rock, pop, reggae, and metal, world etc.) Glenn will work with you to tailor your lesson plan to help you become the player you want to be, and with that, open new horizons along the way.
Music producer, songwriter, teacher, band coach
Chad Nesrallah


Chad has been writing, recording and producing music in any style since 1987 – present.


  • Production and recording: Beginner – Advanced.
  • Private lessons: Guitar, drums, piano, bass: Beginner to intermediate.
  • Group lessons: Band coach.
  • Music business: artist management and development, social strategy: Beginner – Advanced
  • Styles: All. (Pop, rock, blues, metal, country, rap, hip hop, folk, dance, world, reggae, etc)
  • Specialty: Song arrangement, production

Chad has been producing music since 1987. Having played almost every concert band instrument and done extensive scoring and conducting. This has given him a great understanding of what makes a strong arrangement. Chad is also the director and head instructor of the School of Recording Arts. As the owner of Fat Dog Studios since 1987, he also has extensive experience recording and producing every kind of music imaginable.

Vocal coach, stage presence, song writing

Elyssa Mahoney

Vocal coach, stage presence instructor, songwriting coach

Voice acting coach

Shelley Cohen

Voice acting coach


George Gritz

Bouzouki instructor

Greek Music Specialist