Open Jams – Live off the Studio Floor

The Music Factory - Open Jams

Open Jams @ the Music Factory!

Looking to cut loose on stage or meet up with some great musicians and awesome people? Open jams are a great place to do both!

We host an open jam on the last Friday of each month @ 7:30 pm. Entrance is free and all ages are welcome.

We love opening our space up to local talent and seeing people express themselves on our stage! These events are an exciting environment for musicians to connect, laugh, jam and have a very memorable evening out.

The open jams are hosted live on the recording floor of Fat Dog Studios. Experience a very relaxing creative environment. Our stage features drums, amps, keyboards, 3 vocal mics and everything you’ll need to rock it. We’ve just upgraded our sound system so that you’ll sound your best!

Hope to see you there!