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Private Lessons

Get Some Quality Me Time

Private lessons are the best way to focus on your own skills or take on a new instrument.

Our teachers will custom tailor your lessons to suit your tastes.

Work on music in your preferred style.

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Band Program

Experience the Spotlight!

Experience the awesomeness of working in a group and learning your favorite covers or creating your own songs!

Our band program artists have performed at many showcases including Westfest and been featured several times on local and national media.

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Rock Star Camp

Rock out this Summer!

Rock Star Camp is our completely awesome summer camp program!

It has been featured nationally several times and called “One of the 5 most unique camps in the country” by Canada AM.

This is hands down the most inclusive music experience camp available!

in just 2 weeks our campers create bands, produce and record original songs, complete a photo shoot and press kit and put on a heck of a show.

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Immerse Yourself in the Art of Song Writing

Our approach is to base your lessons on the styles of music you are in to. ¬†We’ll teach you how to learn great song writing techniques by listening to your favorite artists.

Craft awesome lyrics and rhythms. Learn how productions come together in a studio.


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School of Recording Arts

Make Beautiful Recordings Anywhere

Learn the art of audio engineering at our state of the art facility. We feature some of the best microphones and equipment available.

Learn in small groups with lots of hands on experience.

Our teachers combine decades of experience to bring you a highly effective ¬†program that doesn’t require a huge financial or time commitment.

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Fat Dog Studios

Experience the Difference

Fat Dog Studios opened in 1987 and has been involved in recording every style of music imaginable.

We house a HUGE recording floor, tons of microphones and the best equipment you’ll find anywhere to get the job done right.

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Vocal Dynamo

Become a Voice Actor

Learn about what it takes to become a voice actor with Vocal Dynamo Shelley Cohen.

Shelley is the voice of many top corporations. You no doubt have heard her. She will teach you the in and outs of honing your technique and also getting you started on the business end of things.

You’ll learn and record several scripts in our studio while getting pointers and direction from one of the best in the business!

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