Band Program for Kids and Adults

 We’ve opened our band program up to adults! Get in touch with us to get started!

Ever thought about joining a band? Writing music? Creating your own image and seeing how far you could take it? The Music Factory Artist Development Band Program is for you! Our bands meet once a week for 2 hours and put together a killer set of their favorite tunes plus create their own original music. All the while working on stage presence, song structure, instrument techniques and all the challenges that go into being a band and how to overcome them.

How far do you want to go?

While we strive for a relaxed creative environment, if you’re serious enough and want to up the stakes we have your back! Our team will work with you to get your songs radio ready and then help you get them on the air! Several of our bands have already been featured on several radio and television stations and are playing regularly at various venues around town!

Music Factory recording artists Reach were featured nationally on Canada AM, CTV, KISS FM, Chin Radio, the cover of EMC newspaper and scored over 17000 YouTube views in just one week for their Christmas song Watch the Stars With Me.

How it Works

Our team will work with you to not only learn how the industry works, but get you active and growing as a working band.

Just looking to jam and have an awesome place to do it? No problem. Level 1 is all about casual jamming and making sure this is the right band for you.

  • Create your band
  • Find the chemistry
  • Learn cover songs
  • Perform live

So the band has some chemistry, you have solid members and are ready to step things up a notch. In level 2 the band will begin writing it’s own original material.

  • Creating your own original music
  • How copyright works
  • Critical listening and song analysis
  • Song writing agreements
  • Preparing for studio
  • What is “Radio Format?”
  • Choosing your band name.

You’ve got your song ready to go! Now it’s time to take it to our amazing world class studio facility! In level 3 you will learn about what goes into making a successful recording and making sure your song is presented in a way that will maximize it’s effectiveness! You will also need some visuals to go along with your sound!

  • Recording techniques
  • Song structure and arrangement
  • The role of a producer
  • Multi tracking and overdubs
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Photo shoot
  • Preparing CD artwork

Go Public! You have the recordings! You have the artwork! Now what? Level 4 takes care of that by showing you how to effectively release your music and grow a fan base!

  • Create your on-line social profile
  • Draw fans to your pages
  • Distribution and sales
  • Seek performance opportunities locally or beyond

All the pieces are in place. You know what you need to do. You have all the tools and material you need. It’s time to go pro. At level 5 you have all of the tools and knowledge to launch your career. We will guide you towards more than just playing music part time and focus on how to make music your full time career!

  • Seek booking agent or learn to self book
  • Seek management or learn to self manage
  • Create valuable partnerships to market your material
  • Make the most of your live performances
  • Seek music licensing opportunities for your work

Pricing: The program costs $25.00 per hour and runs 2 hours per week.  

Have questions? Please contact us or call 613-863-7777.